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How to Render a list of loaded items in Wized

Learn how to display third-party data in your Webflow project, after a successful request.

Load list

First, create a request and load your data. Make sure the list you want to render is being returned from your request as an array.

The image below shows how this should look like. You notice the brackets inside the returned data? This is the sign, that the request has returned an array. In this request, the array can be found under "r.4.d".

Add render list action to template

Add a render list action to the template you want to duplicate for every array item.

This should look like this:

What is the "Variable for index" setting?

In case you not only want to duplicate items but also show content inside your template, you will need to specify this. If you don't have created a variable to select, go into your Page Data and create one.

Connect elements inside the rendered list

Let's say we want to render a the name for of every item inside our list. For that we create a new action, select the right attribute (for our element inside the template) and select the "Set text" action. Notice how we now use the previously defined "Variable for index" to specify the right array item.