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Learn how to navigate through the Wized dashboard, and set up a new project.

In this lesson, we'll get familiar with the Wized dashboard, where you can see a list of all your projects, and workspaces.

We learn how to:

  1. Setup a new project
  2. Where to paste the Wized code in your Webflow project
  3. How to switch to a paid plan
  4. How to create new workspaces
  5. How to add collaborators to a workspace

Creating projects

To create a new Wized project, click on the primary button in the upper right corner.

This will lead you to the next screen, where you can set up your project.

Add staging domain

The first thing you need to do here is add a webflow staging domain of your project.

Add scripts to your webflow project

You'll see two snippets of code here. To connect your site with Wized, add these snippets to your Webflow project.

Head over to your project settings in Webflow, and click on custom code.

Insert the first snippet inside the head tag of your project, and the second snippet inside the body tag.

That's it!

If you click continue, you'll see these two options.

You can either open the configurator and start working on your project, or you can switch to a paid plan.

Switching to a paid plan

If you want to add your domain to the project, you need to switch over to the paid tier. To do that, all you have to do is select a plan below.

This section will appear after you've added Wized to your project.

But, you can also access it later by clicking on the settings icon in your project dashboard.

Organizing projects

Wized allows you to create as many workspaces as you like.

To move a project from one workspace to the other, click on this icon and drag the project to the desired workspace.

Workspace settings

If you click on the settings icon of your workspace, you're going to see these two options. You can rename your workspace, or you can add collaborators.

Adding collaborators

To add a collaborator, type in the Wized user's email. Then, click on the add collaborator button, and fill in your credit card details.