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Working with Finsweet Attributes

Learn how to use Finsweet Attributes to filter, and sort request data that's rendered by Wized.

Some Finsweet Attributes are compatible with Wized out of the box¹.

Here's what you need to do to make it work:

  1. Set up Filtering, and Sorting
  2. Set up Wized attributes
  3. Add the fs-cms-element attribute to your Collection list wrapper, collection list, and collection item
  4. Publish your project

That's it!


¹ The current state of the Finsweet Attributes integration is experimental and doesn't work correctly in some cases. Our goal is to ensure that by our upcoming official release the integration will be stable and fully compatible.

Current compatibility status

CMS Attributes

The CMS solutions that are currently possible to implement, with some exceptions², are:

  • cmsfilter
  • cmssort


² The integration with these Attributes will work as long as all the rendering on the page performed by Wized (lists, texts, styles, classes) happens before the user starts filtering and sorting the list.

If Wized triggers any re-render (like changing an element's text or updating the items of a list) after the user has interacted with the list, the integration may stop working as expected.

Other Attributes

All other non-CMS Attributes like copyclip will work correctly as long as they are not targeting elements inside a rendered list by Wized, or they don't depend on content that is dynamically updated by Wized.

In those cases, users must restart the Attributes solutions using the JavaScript API.

Planned compatibility

We are working towards improving the Finsweet Attributes integration to achieve a seamless experience without unexpected edge cases. Our roadmap includes:

  • Full compatibility with most list-based functionalities: filter, sort, combine, select, slider, tabs.
  • Full compatibility with all other Attributes that interact with static elements.

Our roadmap does not include, at this moment:

  • Compatibility with the rest of list-based functionalities: nest, prevnext and static, as they are not compatible with Wized's model.
  • Seamless integration with all other Attributes that interact with list elements rendered by Wized. In these cases users might need to rely on Attributes' and Wized's JavaScript APIs to complete the integration.