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Frequently asked questions

Here is a list of our frequently asked questions

When & how can I get access?

Wized V2 is currently invite only, with a peer-to-peer invite system. If you have not gotten a personal invite via email yet you will need to get your invite code from someone from the Wized community. New invites are given out to users on a weekly basis. The best way to find an invite from users is our Discord community.

How can I remove branding after buying a plan?

You can toggle branding from the Settings menu under the Branding option

My new attributes are not loading. What should I do?

Ensure that none of the new attributes have any special characters in their name or are blank. Such attributes cannot be parsed. Also, check if the page with the new attributes is available on the sitemap.

Why are my interactions only working on the first item in my render list?

Wized duplicates the template item, but the JavaScript attached to the template isn’t carried on to the clones. To resolve this, Webflow should be re-instanciated.

To do this, use the following snippet and replace "My Request Name" with the name of your request that loads on the array you are using to render the list.

  window.onload = async () =>{' '}
  {Wized.request.await('My Request Name', (response) => {
    setTimeout(() => {
      window.Webflow && window.Webflow.destroy();
      window.Webflow && window.Webflow.ready();
      window.Webflow && window.Webflow.require('ix2').init();
      document.dispatchEvent(new Event('readystatechange'));
      console.log('Webflow Interactions have been reloaded!');
    }, 100);
Why is Wized not good for SEO?

Wized renders client-side and doesn’t create unique slugs for content pages.

Furthermore, client-side rendering (CSR) means a website loads its content using Javascript after the page loads.

This can make it harder for search engines to understand what the page is about, and this can make the website rank lower on search engines.

CSR can also make the website slower to load, and this can also affect its ranking.

Is it possible to use Wized to create a live chat feature?

Yes, it’s possible to create a live chat with Wized. When it comes to the tech-stack, you have 3 options at your disposal. These are:

  • Firebase
  • Supabase
  • Xano

Firebase, and Supabase allow you to use their realtime database, which can be used to build a live chat.

If you want to build a realtime chat app with Xano, you will need to use the Ably Realtime Chat Extension.

Can I add pagination to a list that’s being rendered with Wized?

Yes, Wized makes it really easy to set up pagination. Follow these steps to set up pagination for your project:

  • Create a page variable that keeps track of the page number
  • Create an Action that targets your Load More button, that will increment the page variable, and trigger your load items request
  • Update the logic of your request, so that the value of your page variable dictates which items are requested from your backend.
Is it possible to use Wized to create a peer-to-peer invitation system?

Yes, you can use Wized to create a peer-to-peer invitation system.

Unfortunately, we do not have a tutorial that teaches you how to build this, but we have something similar.

In this lesson, we’re showing how to create a referral program, which is somewhat similar.

You can apply the same concepts which we teach in the video, to create a peer-to-peer invitation system.

If you get stuck along the way feel free to reach out to our support team. We’re happy to help you out.

Can I make a multi-step form using Wized?

Yes, building a multi-step form with Wized is pretty straight forward.

You will need to use a single Webflow form that will contain all of your steps, and navigation buttons.

Then, you need to wrap each step into its own div.

Finally, you can create a variable in Wized that keeps count of the steps in your form, and use conditional visibility to show or hide the right step.

How do I fix bugs or errors in my code?

Debugging can be frustrating, and overwhelming. There are a lot of things that can go wrong, and it can be hard to know where to start from.

Since debugging is a complex topic, we wrote this step-by-step debugging guide to help you troubleshoot your Wized application.

This is a great place to start. If you’re still struggling to identify the issue feel free to reach out to our discord community or our support team.

We’ll be happy to help.

How can I dynamically change the profile avatar for a user in the nav bar?

You will need to fetch the image as a URL from your database, and then set the src attribute of your avatar image to the URL from your request.

How do I upload files in Wized?

You can use several methods for uploading files.

You can use the built in methods which we provide, which include Supabase, Firebase, Airtable, and REST API.

To get started with this option, follow this walkthrough.

Alternatively, you can use Uploadcare’s built-in widget, which can also be combined with other tools.

How do I create a membership app?

Of course! Creating a membership app is pretty straight forward.

You can choose between offering paid memberships, and free memberships.

For free memberships, all you need to do is set up Auth, and you’re good to go.

You can set this up by following our tutorials:

  • Authentication basics
  • Magic link auth setup
  • Advanced auth with Xano

For paid memberships, the setup is a little bit more complicated.

In addition to the Auth setup, you will also need to set up Stripe for accepting payments, and you’ll need to find a way to sync the payment data from stripe with your database.

You can either use a webhook, or a regular API call on the backend.

The implementation will depend on your backend of choice.

Can I build a two-sided marketplace with Wized?

Yes, you can build a two-sided marketplace. In fact, we have a guide that will teach you how to set this up.

How do I choose a database based on the product being built?

Choosing a database depends on project size, data type, expected traffic, budget, and development team expertise. Here are some general guidelines:

  • If your app does not need to be performant nor scalable, and you’re a non-technical person, then Airtable is a great choice.
  • If you have experience with PostgreSQL, or NoSQL, and you want maximum flexibility, and scalability , while keeping your costs at a minimum, then Firebase, or Supabase might be worth looking into.
  • If you want to build a highly scalable, and customizable backend, without having to deal with code, then Xano is your best bet.

Like I said at the beginning. The best database for your project will depend on your project, and your technical proficiency.

How do I set up password reset in Supabase?

To set up password reset in Supabase you will need to:

  • build a Data Out request
  • under API choose Authentication
  • select “Request password change” in the Authentication Method dropdown

That's it!

How do I set up password reset in Firebase?

To set up password reset in Firebase, you will need to:

  • build a Data Out request
  • under API choose Authentication
  • select “Reset user password” in the Authentication Method dropdown

That's it!

How can I validate input fields with Wized?

Input field validation can be done with help of variables, regular expressions, and a few simple functions.

Watch this tutorial to learn how to set up client-side form validation from start to finish.

How can I validate forms with Wized?

When it comes to form validation, you have two options.

You can either validate forms on the front-end, or you can use backend validation.

To provide the best experience for your users, we recommend using both of these approaches.

Can I test Wized for free?

Yes, Wized is free to use for projects using a domain. Our free plan allows you to use Wized for as long as you want. As soon as you want to publish to a custom production domain, we will ask you to upgrade.

I picked the wrong plan, can I get a refund?

Yes, contact our customer support team via the Intelligence Center. We will get back to you as fast as possible.